Friday, 21 March 2014


Many believe that as we age, there is a reduction in the functionality of the brain. This on many occasions has been proved wrong especially with experimental procedures carried out by scientist around the globe. The most important of which is NEUROBICS. It is no more news as I assume that as we can maintain our physical well-being, we can also manage our brain or mental health and fitness. NEUROBICS simply put without much ado, is a form of brain exercise designed to raise the brain functionality. This is usually achieved by engaging the uncommonly used organ of touch, hearing and smell in action breaking the normal routine work of the sight.
Ø  It is an undebatable fact that we tend to engage the sense of sight in more activity than other organs, thereby rendering other organs inactive or totally into a quasi-paralysed state in some cases. Imagine yourself searching for an object in the dark, you know how tedious this could be, but with proper training of the brain in such an action, one could attain perfection in it. This is just the trick employed by the blind, even though any individual could be an expertise in this. I do not mean you should turn out to be a blind person, rather with this; the brain gets to be more active in comparison with one action we throw it into. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

The Brain Power

contrary to popular notion among individuals that as we age, the brain gets deteriorated.